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Pushin That Love ep by Eric IQ Gray!

When I heard the demo of the forthcoming album that Eric IQ Gray produced I immediately had the idea to recruit remixers from the electronic music sphere to get his HipHop remixed.

Why? Because I believe the message and soul in the music holds a value that is needed cross over.

So when the time was right I connected to those who are on this record and asked them for a remix. Everybody immediately agreed to do their version. Eric is well respected over here in Hamburg and Germany in general because he had left a lot here in Hamburg during the 90s.

  • Knowledge about HipHop
  • Part of his soul and spirit in the music scene
  • A lot of technique how to produce and getting things done

Over here in Hamburg he is considered a legend, a pioneer who came from New York and made it again.

I thought it was about time to give something back.

Here are the links to the artists and some liner notes:

Artwork – Crumblegg ( Technical support Ma·!¦[·Ho )
Executive Production by Crumblegg & Eric IQ Gray

A shout out to Digital Norman, without whom this Remix ep would sound different.

He is the one digging into the contemporary trends of electronic music and is making sure that there is always enough funk in the music.

I hope you enjoy this little musical trip as much as we do and share it with others.