Maho – ZOO – I-II-III Noize Freqz

10679662_770488373043467_5787310801784323264_oFinally taking the genre of techno to a new level! German native, Maho Beats, creates one of the most interesting techno sounds I’ve ever heard. Originally from Ortenau, Germany, Maho truly creates some wild sounding techno, unique to anything else currently in the scene!

Somewhere between dark, experimental and dubby techno, “Zoo I-II-III” entrances the listener in a single track that seems to last for an entire 32 mins! By constantly adding and subtracting elements into the track with great skill, the track never loses its pace and excitement, simply exemplifying the production level and expertise of Maho. During the entire 32 mins, the track itself sounds as if it has changed, yet since certain elements, such as the percussion, sub bass and kick, stay the same, the listener realizes that they are still dancing to the same track a long time after it has begun!

An absolutely mesmerizing track! SoundCloud needs to create a repeat button for tracks like these! To no surprise, Maho’s other tracks are as hypnotizing and powerful! Make sure to check them out on SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube!

  Make sure to check them out onSoundCloudFacebookTwitter and Youtube!

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